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MHL Associates are specialists in the field of Project Management, Project Co-ordination, Power Plant Outages,Scheduling and Planning.

MHL Associates's head office is in Suffolk, East Anglia, in the United KIngdom. We moved our head office here to be close to the pending Nuclear New Build.

We have almost 30 years experience in the Project Management field in industries as diverse as Petro-Chemical, Nuclear Power Generation, Offshore Production Platform Construction and Wind Energy.



What Projects Have We Worked On ?


1990 - 1991

Project Planning services during the construction and commissioning of the FA Offshore Platform in South Africa.

1991 - 1992

Planning Engineering services on the construction of the Mossgas Refinery in Mossel Bay, South Africa.

1993 - 2008

Supplied Project Planning & Project Management Services on a contract basis to Eskom's Koeberg Nuclear Station in Cape Town, South Africa.

2008 - 2009

Contracted our Senior Planning Engineer to the SERE Wind Farm Project in Lutzville, South Africa.

2009 to present

Outage Planning Engineer placed at Sizewell B Nuclear Station in Suffolk, East Anglia, United Kingdom.